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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The at Home Brazilian Hair Treatment That Saved My Hair

The stuff is seriously magic

From regular mani’s to keeping my brows in tiptop shape, I love a good ol’ beauty routine. But I have to confess; when it comes to haircare - I am hopeless.

Years of excessive heat damage had resulted in the ends of my hair becoming dry, frizzy and badly damaged. Don’t get me wrong, I have tried everything. From argon oils and leave in conditioners to hair masks and miracle serums, yet nothing could quite tame the unruly frizz that - lets face it – when unstyled looked a little too reminiscent of a lion’s mane.

Not everyone could be blessed with silky, shiny hair like Rosie H-W, I reasoned.  But alas, my hair was in desperate need of some TLC, so I set myself a beauty mission – to bring my hair back to life.

It was a tall order, I know. But it had become lifeless, dehydrated and quite frankly, completely lack lustre. Nothing at all like the gorgeous chocolate toned tresses I drool over on Pinterest. It was time to get serious and do some research. Little did I know I was about to stumble across a treatment that would completely revolutionise my haircare routine.

After falling down a slight YouTube rabbit hole (okay, more like an hour and half of beauty tutorials, vlogs and somehow cute cats…), I discovered an at home intensive hair mask made up of a combination of Avanti’s Silicon Mix and Kanechom Conditioner, a little known hair-care brand from Brazil. The treatment promised to restore the health, shine and softness of dry and damaged hair. Count me in.

The story behind the mix actually surfaced online a couple of years ago, after a customer in a Dominican salon managed to catch a glimpse of the secret concoction her stylist had whipped up out of sight. She instantly took note and fortunately shared the treatment online. Hoorah!

Convinced this could be the secret to achieving Pinterest-worthy locks, I hopped onto Amazon to order the Silicon Mix Intensive Hair Deep Treatment, and the Kanechom Karite Shea Butter Moisturising Hair Cream. 

The Kanechom Karite Shea Butter is a deep moisturising cream enriched with nourishing Shea Butter and Hydrolysed Keratin, which will promote hydration and manageability. By adding a small measure of the Silicon mix to the treatment, it will also add a protective measure against damage and leave a sleek, frizz-free finish.

I mixed two parts of the Kanechom Conditioner to one part Silicon mix and applied from the ears down through the entire length of my hair. After leaving the treatment on for roughly 5-10 minutes, I rinsed with cool water (to close the hair cuticles and locks in moisture and shine) and let my hair air-dry before styling.

Can we just take a look at the results though! Pretty impressive, right?  

My hair felt like nothing I had felt before. Silky smooth. Sleek, and a glossy shine that could rival any iconic L’Oreal advert.  It actually looked and felt healthy for the first time in years.

Naturally, it instantly became a staple in my haircare routine, and eight months on I am still using the treatment to smooth out the cuticles, combat frizz, and maintain a glossy shine. To prevent buildup I use the treatment once every two weeks and use a clarifying shampoo in between washes. My hair has honestly never looked so healthy.

Beauty mission complete, I’d say!


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