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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

5 Ways To Cut Your Morning Beauty Routine In Half

Catch some extra zzz’s with these time-saving tips.

It's 7 a.m., and chances are you have snoozed every last alarm possible before you need to get up for work. With five minutes to spare, you envy the early risers who are up early enough to craft perfect tousled waves, apply a full face of makeup and still get out of the door on time. But if, like the rest of us, you can barely function before your first sip of coffee, your morning beauty routine – or lack thereof – is probably suffering. 

I totally get it. It can be tricky finding the balance between beauty and sleep. But what if streamlining your morning beauty routine could mean you can have both? So, whether you’re in need of organising your a.m beauty process, or simply looking for a way to deal with oversleeping, simplify your routine with these time-saving tips. You can thank me later!

Use Multi-Use Products

When it comes to applying your makeup in the morning, you may be shocked to hear that the average woman takes 29 minutes to create a natural makeup look. But if you would prefer to use that half an hour catching some extra beauty sleep, using multi-purpose products are quick and an effective. Oh, and they require very little effort!

For your base, use a cushion product like Lancôme’s Miracle Cushion All in One, £31.50 to cover, conceal and powder in one. Add a light flush and awaken the skin with a multi-tasking colour stick, such as NARS’ The Multiple in Orgasm, £29.00. Swipe across the eyes, lips, and cheeks for a foolproof look. Follow with a slick of mascara and in just five minutes you are good to go. 

Time Saved: 15 minutes

Braid Your Hair The Night Before

You can still go to work looking like you have made an effort with your hair. How? Create no-fuss waves by preparing the night before. 

Apply a leave-in conditioner such as Aussie’s Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner, £4.49 (I swear by this stuff) before bed and gently detangle your hair with a comb. Then, simply divide your hair into two sections, braid and sleep on it. When you wake up in the morning, loosen the braids and you will be left with effortless beachy waves. 

Time Saved: 20 minutes

Dry Shampoo

A lazy girl's best friend, skip washing your hair in the morning and instead, opt for a dry shampoo that will soak up excess oils and mask dirty hair. The aptly named Hair by Sam McKnight Lazy Girl Dry Shampoo, £19 will also add volume and lift to the roots. No one will ever know!

Time saved: 10 Minutes

A Bold Red Lip

If you are really pushed for time, applying a bold red lip will dress up any appearance and instantly look like you have made an effort. I love MAC’s Ruby Woo, £16.40 for its classic red hue and matte finish. You can even apply it whilst you run out the door! 

Time saved: 15 Minutes

Plan, Plan, Plan

If all else fails, preparation is key. The night before I recommend decluttering your vanity and laying out the products you plan to use in the morning. You will be surprised at how much quicker you can get through your morning routine. 

Time Saved: 5 minutes

Do you use any tricks to allow for a few more minutes in bed? Let me know!


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