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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

LVL Hair Straightening Brush Review

Hair straighteners have become an integral part of my morning routine. Helping to smooth the frizzy, somewhat curls of my longer locks, straightners are pretty much an essential, but unfortunately it means spending time in front of the mirror straightening my hair when I could be catching a few more zzz’z in bed! What if there was an a way to tame my hair without all this added effort?

When LVL Hair got in contact with me to test out their Straightening Hair Brush*, I was incredibly excited to test it out. Can simply brushing your hair work just as well? I decided to find out what I am sure we all have been thinking – do they really work?


Arriving in a slim black and white box, I was really impressed with the packaging. It was the perfect size to hold the brush without any excess, modern and sturdy enough to ensure that the product would arrive over sea’s without any damage! The brush itself is beaut! The black against the gold trim really adds to the overall look and makes it feel expensive and modern. It also comes with a little back to put the brush in when you are not using it which was a really nice added touch!

How it works

The LVL Hair straightening brush is expected to warm up within a minute of turning the brush on and promises to straighten your locks in roughly five minutes – depending on the length and thickness. It also claims to work on all hair types and reduce hair breakage by up to 50%. Pretty magical stuff right? Here is how I got on!

My Experience

The brush heated up super quickly, and you have the option on the LCD screen to turn the heat up and down as you please, with the highest temperature reaching 230 degrees. I agree it took around a minute to a minute and a half to heat up which is great! As I have mentioned, I have waist length hair that is also pretty curly so I was so intrigued to see if this would actually be able to not only tame the dreaded frizz, but also give me straight locks!

I was pretty sceptical at first. How can simply brushing my hair straighten this mane? But believe it or not, it worked – and it worked well! I only had to run the brush through each section (i tended to use about an inch of hair at a time)  and it straightened and de-frizzed my hair! Now I will say it doesn’t give you a sleek look like straighteners do but it left the hair straight but with all the volume, which actually I prefer!

Overall I was really impressed with this, and will continue to use it in the mornings when my hair is in need of a quick fix!

If you fancy saving yourself a few more minutes in bed this beauty is definitely worth it. You can find the LVL Hair Straightening Brush here.

*This post contains a PR Sample


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  1. Thanks for the review but I really like my Karmin smoothing brush is great.


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