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Friday, 24 June 2016

Brand Focus: Frank Body

A humble Australian brand that’s success has derived from the two things we just can’t seem to live without – coffee and Instagram.

Promising to revive your skin from the outside in, Frank Body’s coffee based skincare features 100% natural ingredients, using ground coffee beans entwined with a blend of exotic fruit and scented plant oils to target a variety of skin complaints.

Frank Body was co founded by Aussie natives Erika Geraerts, Bree Johnson and Jess Hatis, alongside Alex Boffa and Steve Rowley in 2014, to create a line of caffeinated based products sold exclusively online. The products promised to help users reduce cellulite, stretch marks, eczema and other skin imperfections and conditions, and with fans around the globe truly seeing #thefrankeffect, there is no disputing these products do exactly as promised.

With messy medleys of natural goodness and smooth silky balms enriched with natural ingredients and vitamins, Frank Body has you covered, but if you are unsure where to begin, here are my top three picks to get you started!

The Coffee Scrub

The coffee scrub – the first product in the Frank Body range. It’s fair to say it made quite an impact as it got almost 660,000 people talking on Instagram and ultimately founded the brands success. Packed with a generous concoction of roasted and ground coffee beans, brown sugar, sea salt, orange essence and cold pressed sweet almond oil, the Frank Body Coffee Scrub is an excellent choice to introduce you to the brand, especially if you want to focus on scrubbing away any unwanted dry, flaky skin and get that silky smooth Frank feeling. If you’re not afraid to get down and dirty, the coffee based scrub will leave you free on lumps and bumps, and smelling sweet from the soothing orange aroma.

This messy coffee scrub really succeeded in exfoliating my skin, leaving it very smooth and soft, plus I have to add it also smelled delightful! I feel this would work great as a once a week in shower body scrub to keep my skin soft – especially throughout the summer months to pro long my tan.

Body Balm

The caffeinated body balm is the perfect post scrub balm to add to that silky smooth feeling known as #thefrankeffect, it is also the ideal stand alone treatment if you want to target skin imperfections such as cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis and eczema. The Frank Balm has a slightly oily texture to it, but once applied doesn’t leave you feeling oily, but supple and smooth.

The Frank Body balm features 100% natural ingredients, including coffee arabica seed oil, coconut oil, beeswax, cocoa seed butter and shea butter. Whilst the coffee arabica seed oil acts as a stimulant to increase blood flow, improving the appearance of wrinkles and redness by increasing the production of collagen and elastic, the coconut oil works brilliantly to heal inflamed skin, treating skin complaints such as acne and eczema. The 100 ml of silky smooth love is also filled with Vitamins A, E and D, adding moisturizing, strengthening and restoring benefits to the skin.

The Frank Body Balm is a product I feel I will be repurchasing over and over again. I particularly love that it is full of 100% natural ingredients, so it works great on my sensitive skin. I also suffer with eczema so I really appreciate a balm that can multi task, and this certainly does the trick. Not only is it moisturising to the skin, but it also is very soothing. I found it worked best post bath to really lock in the moisture.

Lip scrub and Lip Balm Duo

Lastly, the newest to the Frank Body line-up, the lip scrub and lip balm are the ultimate duo to pop in your handbag, formulated with natural ingredients to nourish, hydrate and gently smooth the lips.

The lip scrub, perfect for on the go, includes a blend of ground robusta coffee, raw sugar and macadamia oil to gently exfoliate and buff away any chapped skin whilst its sidekick, the lip balm, contains lanolin which acts as a natural moisturizer to lock in hydration and reveal a supple, soft pout.

Chapped lips are a no go in my eyes, especially when I want to rock a beautiful matte lip. I found that the Lip scrub and lip balm duo were just so easy to throw in my bag for on the go that it made keeping my lips hydrated and supple super easy.

*This piece was first published in Cleanse Magazine Issue 1.
* Image Courtesy of Frank Body UK

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