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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Specs with Glasses Direct

With out a doubt, I am an online shopping kind of girl. The ease of laying in bed with a cup of tea and purchasing a couple of things you’ve had your eye on beats the long process of aimlessly wandering through shops – any day!

So when I found out about, an online site that offers prescription glasses and sunglasses with the ease of sending them directly to your home, I was definitely intrigued.
I wear glasses mainly for when i’m using the computer, but it is still important for me to find a pair that look fashionable and that I think suits my face. You no longer have to opt for a frumpy frame as glasses have now become a fashionable accessory with brands really upping their game with styles and colours, so it is definitely possible to find a frame that will look great on you!

When it comes to choosing frames in the past, I am very indecisive, so I was a bit dubious in the beginning as you are having to choose a frame on a screen rather than in person. I found however the website was extremely helpful. It offers a large range of surprisingly cheap glasses, something that can now ordinarily cost you a lot more in high street opticians, in a variety of styles, colours and shapes. You also have the ability to search for frames that you feel will suit  you, along side a mini questionnaire that will help guide you to frames that will best suit your face.

What makes purchasing their eyeglasses online different to other websites online is that they also offer a service where you can choose your top four frames, and have them  delivered to your house for a free seven day trial, so if you are indecisive like me you still have the option to try on a couple of frames in the comfort of your own home before making your final decision on a frame.

I decided on the ‘Novia Cat Eye in Tortoise Shell*’ as I tend to choose frames that are slightly angled and I prefer plastic over metal for comfort. Once you have made your choice you simply put in your prescription and your order is complete. It is that easy. All glasses come with the single vision lens included, as well as an anti scratch coating.

I am really happy with the glasses and really like how the frame looks.  I would say however I would of preferred the option to have an ultraclear/anti glare coating added, as I don’t really like the glare you get on glasses without the coating, but that is personal preference. Overall I think the service is great. It is really easy to do and they arrived quickly in a just over a week.

If you are in the search of some new glasses, I have a coupon available – GSHOT50 – that offers 50% off eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses! (sale frames excluded). The frames are extremely affordable with a great range to choose from, so I would definitely recommend taking a look if you are on the search for a new pair of specs!
Until next time, Emma x

*Disclosure: Products marked with an asterisk are PR samples. All Opinions are my own.


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