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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Sunday Ramble #2 - Worrying About What Others Think

Writing this, I am just going to initially say that this post is most likely not going to be the most coherent post I have done so apologies in advance! I have something I want to talk about, and it involves trying not to give af. Nicely put right? I feel like this is something many of us struggle with, I know I definitely have and it can be so so frustrating.

Worrying about what other people think can really pull you down. It can make you embarrassed of doing something that you really love to do, it can even make you stop doing the things you love which is even worse, and its is so sad as it can simply be all down to the thought of someone laughing or sniggering. This year I am really trying to snap out of that mentality and just do the things I love and want to do, not giving AF, because those things make me happy.

I’m not sure if it is me getting older, or the fact I have pushed myself to do things out of my comfort zone like interning, meeting new people and working in unknown environments that may have helped me finally feel a little more confident in myself. Now I’ not talking about the way I look (I definitely need to work more on that kind of confidence) but more so in who I am as a person. Its a cliche but its true. In the past, having a beauty blog, I felt embarrassed to share it with people I knew in case they found it embarrassing or cringey. But why? Why should I? Why would I feel embarrassed about an industry I love?

Having a blog has allowed me to not only connect two passions of mine – the beauty industry and writing, it has helped me guide a path and a career which I am now working towards. I hope to one day be a beauty writer at a glossy magazine, and I can quite easily say that it is down to my blog that I have found something I am so passionate and driven for.

It really bothers me that sometimes I can’t step away from thinking about what others think about me. I really don’t want to look back on my life and think I wish I did that, and the reason I didn’t was because I was worried about what other people think.

I hope this post made some sort of sense of what has been on my mind the last few days. This year my goal is to do the things I love to do with no hestiation, and I really encourage you to try and do the same. Want to share your blog with the people you know? Do it! Want to create a youtube video? Why not? We don’t want to look back in years to come and think I wish right?

Until next time, Emma x

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