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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Sunday Ramble #1 – Life Without Facebook, Twitter & Instagram?!

I know all of us can quite easily put our hands up and admit that we have unreasonably freaked out if our phone signal is down. It is a full on crisis and a melt down worthy situation if wifi isn’t in the area & if twitter is down..lets not even go there.

We live in a world and generation where the social media, and technology as a whole runs our entire life. We wake up in the morning to our alarm clock (of course set on our iPhones) followed by a quick check on all the social media sites we own, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram..we feel obliged to check our accounts before we feel it is acceptable to get out of bed and start the day.

I can admittedly say if i am unable to check my social feeds, I feel like I am missing out on something — when really, your not missing out on anything at all..okay, maybe a few selfies on Facebook, a picture of your friends cat on Insta and a 100 second snapchat story of your best friends night out the night before, but are these all necessary things you need to check before you drag yourself out of bed in the morning? No. But do we feel like it is? Completely.

Honestly, I do at times wish we didn’t rely so heavily on technology and social media. Maybe in some aspects of life I wish we didn’t have it at all. I remember when I was little I would play out all the time. I would meet up with my friends and play in a park round the corner from my house. Once 4 o’clock hit, you could see school children playing everywhere, on their bikes, on their scooters, the most we probably had to connect us was walky talkys! Now you barely see anyone, instead children are cooped up in their rooms on their mums iPad, or playing ‘COD’ on their xbox/ps4.

Now I am not saying when technology was introduced I wasn’t the same. I am just as bad as everyone else in that generation  — studying journalism and wanting to work in the the media, I’m possibly worse. I live with my phone in my hand, own countless pieces of technology to connect me to the internet and check Twitter and Instagram on the daily. But I do wish at times it could be the way it used to be.

Think of how much stronger our relationships  would be without the likes of social media. Facebook is known for tearing down relationships. “Why did you like her photo on Facebook”, “Why would you become friends with them”, christ just go onto Jeremy Kyle and you can see the havoc Facebook has caused for people and couples! Instead of meeting up with people to see how they are, involve in genuine conversation and spend time with them, we send them a quick message on Whatsapp to see how their doing, maybe even throw some emojis in there if their lucky. We would experience more of the world, be more active, and spend more time with people if we wasn’t so hooked on seeing the latest item listed on depop, recently uploaded get ready with me’s on youtube or being consumed in apps like candy crush.

Although I feel this way, I am also so incredibly grateful to social media and, the internet and technology. It gives us access to speak to people from all over the world and it has introduced me into an industry which I now want to study and turn into a career. I created my blog and have connected with so many bloggers. I have found a love for the beauty industry and i feel the internet plays a massive role in guiding me there. Although technology can be annoyingly intrusive in our lives, It is also fascinating, interesting and helpful.

Anyway, to conclude, the point I am trying to make in this very long winded ‘rant’ should we say is that although the internet is in no doubt incredible, we have allowed ourselfs as users to be heavily reliant on it. Imagine a life without ever knowing it existed. Would you be down the same path you lead today? The same career? The same aspirations? Would you be just as happy — if not more? Maybe, but I guess we will never truly know.

What are your thoughts?

Until Next Time, Emma x

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