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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

My Go-To Everyday Face

I have found for the days I am heading out to work or uni, I have gotten into a typical makeup routine where I know which products I want to use and that I know I can rely on. It is easy to get into a routine, so I thought it would be interesting to share with you the typical products I have been using on a day to day basis! I of course don’t use all of these products everyday, but I have a couple of products that I  tend to switch between in my day to day use.


I always like to start with a moisturiser, and as my skin is particularly dry, I have been using this to combat any potential dry patches occurring throughout the day. I chose the Nivea Daily Rick Moisturising Day Cream for Dry and Sensitive skin as it provides a more intensive hydration.
It is enriched with natural almond oil which has moisturising and natural balancing properties, and Hydra IQ, upports your natural moisturisation via the skin’s own water channels. I find it suffices keeping my skin moisturised all day, and the consistency is not to thick, great for when you are going to layer products over top once it has absorbed.

Benefits POREfessional has been my go to primer for years as i find it really does prolong the longevity of my makeup. It is very light weight and has that transparent silky silicone consistency. For my skin, I am not too worried about reducing the size of my pores, but I have heard many positives reviews when it comes to using the POREfessional to combat this. Overall I love how it leaves my skin with an even base and feeling silky smooth, ready for my foundation.

As the POREFessional is more on the pricy side, I have been using, and really have been enjoying the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser for days where I just have work or university. For a fraction of the price they are definitely very similar. I would say the POREFessional keeps your makeup on for slightly longer than the Baby Skin, but in terms of consistency it has that similar silky smooth silicone gel texture that works really well to even out my skin ready for my foundation.


For most days, I usually opt for a dewy finish as it gives a very fresh and healthy glow to the skin, and without a doubt the Chanel Vietalumiere is one of the best foundations I have tried that gives a dewy finish but still looks like skin. It has a medium coverage and blends very easily. I tend to use this with a beauty blender for a more airbrushed finish. It actually featured in my march monthly favourites as I have been reaching for it a lot more now that spring has arrived. I try to use this more so however for special occasions or for evenings as it is quite pricey – but definitely worth it!

The Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation (Full Review) is a great alternative to the Chanel Vietalumiere for a dewy finish. I have used this for many years and have repurchased this countless times. For the days when I wake up and my skin is looking full or tired, this is a life saver! It has a medium coverage and gives a healthy radiant glow. It glides over my dry patches effortlessly and does not tend to oxidise throughout the day. It rejuvenates the skin to look fresh and awake which I am definitely in need of sometimes!

If I want to go for more of a matte look, I opt for the Nars Sheer Glow in Light 4 Deauville. This is a semi-matte foundation that is fairly sheer but is definitely buildable. What I find interesting and love about this foundation is although it has more of a semi-matte finish in comparison to the Vietalumier or Wake Me Up, it still gives a radiant glow to the skin and works really well with my dry skin.

If I am having a no make up day but want to run out for a few hours, I will use the Garner Miracle Skin Perfecter Daily All In One BB Cream. It is of course very sheer but I find it will help to even my complexion and give my skin a slight radiant boost whilst feeling hydrating.


Not only is the packaging dressing table worthy, but the quality of the products are good in my opinion. I don’t usually have many spots or blemishes, but if I have one or two pop up now or then I dab a small amount of this on the problem area and then dab it in with my fingers. It is not at all drying and does not look cakey, but it does help to combat the slight redness and give me that bit of extra coverage if I should need it.

I have used this for years and it has been a cult favourite in the beauty blogging world for a fair few years now. In the shade light I use this as an under eye highlighter and I feel it works well to brighten the under eye area. The consistency is fairly thick though so I just have to make sure I use a translucent powder to set the under eye area to avoid any creasing.

This is another product I have repurchased a fair few times. I alternate between this and the Collection Concealer, and again use this as an under eye highlighter. It is a lot lighter than the Collection concealer, and really boosts the radiance under my eyes when they are feeling a little tired.


Benefit are renowned for their benebrows, so naturally I wanted to get my hands on their browzing. The kit has two products, a dark brown wax and a lighter shadow. I find the lighter shadow two light for my brows, so I instead use the wax first to create a base before using the Collection Work the Colour Eyebrow Kit. It works well keep my brows in place.

I love to use the Benefit Gimmie Brow when I am not doing a full face of makeup but want to tidy up my brows. A couple swipes of this through the brows and it fills any areas that need a little tlc and sets them in place nicely.

I use this most days and I have to say it is one of the best brow kits I have used! After I have applied some of the brown wax from the Browzing, I use the darkest shade with an angled brush to fill in any areas that are looking sparse and to create a cleaner crisper outline. The shadow is so pigmented you really do not need a lot of product, and for the price I have nothing I could complain about!


How beaut is this blush?! The swirls of apricot and peach within the marbled dome create a beautiful peachy pink shade with golden undertones. This blush looks beautiful with a natural eye and dewy skin.

I reach for this most days as it is incredibly universal. Orgasm is a peachy pink blush with a shimmery silky texture and it gives a beautiful, natural and healthy looking flush to the cheeks.


The Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer is a really great bronzer to real warm up your face. It has a very large pan and a large mirror so it is a great bronzer to pack if I am traveling. I find the deep brown shade gives a healthy bronzed glow to the skin, and as it is matte it looks very natural. The large pan also means it works well to use on your body if you want to bronze up your neck or chest. I will use a large kabuki and only a few swirls of product, a little goes a long way with this.

This is by far my favourite bronzer of all time! It is a perfect deep matte brown shade and it has no orange undertones, making it the perfect bronzer to contour with. It gives you a healthy and natural sun kissed glow and doesn’t look muddy in the slightest. I haven’t found a bronzer that I love as much as this!


Winged black eyeliner has made an appearance in my look close to everyday since 2009. I’m committed – I know! I’m not in love with the Lancome Artliner Liquid Eyeliner but the brush tip allows me to create a really beautiful crisp wing. I will usually go in with this first and then follow with my Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner.

I love this eyeliner. I have used it for years and years and always go back and repurchase it. It is very black and honestly stays put all day. The brush is slightly on the thicker side, so I like to use the Lancome liner to create the wing and then finish off with the Collection Liner for an overall deep black look. I have done a full review on this liner, which you can see here.


I usually wear lashes most days, but I like to begin with a coat of mascara before hand to make sure they blend seamlessly. For the past few months I have between switching between these three mascaras. The Givenchy Noir Couture Volume Mascara is very black and gives my lashes a lot of volume.

The YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara I find gives my lashes extra length and a fair amount of volume. It doesn’t take too long to build up either which is great in the mornings. I find I can pop the glue on my lashes, and then apply my mascara in time for my glue to be just tacky enough to apply. It is very black also so it really helps to blend the falsies in with my natural lashes.

It doesn’t surprise me that this mascara has won a ton of awards. If I am not going to wear lashes that day I will always use this mascara as it effortlessly creates amazing length and volume to my lashes.


For everyday I will switch between nudes and soft pinks. The Clinique Chubby Stick in Peony is the perfect shade for every day as it has a semi sheer finish but still has a lovely colour pay off. It is a deep fuchsia pink and it feels moisturising on the lips.

1995 by Gerard Cosmetics has been one of my go to lipsticks for this month. It is a reddish brown that I feel really suits my olive skin. It is matte also, so I find it lasts well throughout the day.

Kylie Jenner cult favourite Velvet Teddy is another lipstick I have been reaching for a lot for the last few months. It is a brown matte nude that I think looks lovely with Mac’s lipliner in Soar.

Do you have any products you use everyday?


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