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Monday, 4 April 2016

Lusting on Lush

There really is something about sinking into a nice hot bath after a long day stressful day.

For years I have always been a shower type of girl as they are quick and easy, however recently I have enjoyed switching it up bit by relaxing in a long soak and taking a bit of ‘me time’. Sometimes it feels like my life is always on the go, so I find baths are a great opportunity to take half hour to rewind. With my newfound love for baths I naturally gravitated towards the lush store for some extra treats to enjoy during my baths, because what is better than a pink sparkly bath filled with rose petals? Exactly.

What is great about bath products is that they contain some really beneficial ingredients that can be incredibly nourishing and soothing to your skin. Many also contain a delicious scent and hold calming properties, perfect for a spot of relaxation. They also look pretty adorable too and have the cutest names – enough to sway me into buying more than I was planning to! Lush are a brand that have great values, so I am happy to spend my money there. They are 100% vegetarian, all the products are handmade and they are fighting against animal testing.

With all that said, I thought I’d share with you a few Lush products that I currently have my eye on.

‘A zingy lemongrass bath bomb with fresh avocados for soft, happy skin’
I have really dry skin, so I am always looking out for products that are both moisturising and nourishing. The Avobath Bath Bomb has really caught my eye due to the fact it contains both fresh avocados (which I can’t seem to get enough at the moment) and olive oil, both of which help to rehydrate and moisturise dry skin. The lemon grass also revives the senses and jolts energy to the brain, so if I am feeling slightly groggy one morning, I feel this would be the perfect addition to wake me up and get me ready for the day.

‘A gorgeous vanilla bomb for softer sweeter skin’
With a blend of vanilla and ylang ylang scents this fragrant bath bomb promises to surround you in a cosy white blanket of creamy white froth. Sounds incredible right? Long hot baths can dry out the skin, however the large chunks of cocoa butter which melt into the water will help combat this by moisturising the skin back to silky softness. This seems like everything I would want in a bath bomb. Cocoa butter works great to really nourish and absorb, so I feel it would be ideal for my dry skin.

‘A love potion made with the scent of precious rose and orris root’
I have also really been lusting over Tisty Tosty for a while now, but for some reason I have not yet picked it up. Previously exclusive to the Valentines range, it is so well loved it has now made it into the permanent collection. Tisty Tosty contains rose perfume and jasmine, which helps ease tension and influence happy and positive feelings, whilst the orris root (which is one of the most expensive perfumery materials in the world) is great for dry skin. It will also pretty much makes your bath smell amazing. I feel this bomb would make your bath feel like a true treat and very luxurious!

‘Float away to the scent of vanilla, sandalwood & lemon foam to calm a weary mind and restless body’
I have always bought bath bombs in the past, but have been really interested in trying out some of their bath oils, as I know they have amazing properties for your skin and mind. Instead of bath bombs where they fizz and dissolve, the natural oils in the bath oil fill the tub and work to slowly soften and moisturising the skin.TheFloating Island Bath Oil contains cocoa butter and sandalwood, which are both cooling and moisturising whilst the vanilla and lemon foam help to calm both the body and the mind. If I am feeling particularly stressed or tense, I feel this would be a great pick to pick myself back up and feel more at ease.

‘Candy-scented, fluffy waterbed of marshmallow & moisturising cocoa butter to satisfy cravings for all things sweet and delicious’
Another bath oil here, and doesn’t the name just sound good enough to eat! Whilst the cocoa butter softens and moisturises the skin (I think I can sense a theme of what I gravitate to here!), the almond oil will also help to hydrate your hair as it has great and beneficial nourishing properties. The Melting Marshmallow Moment also contains marshmallow herb for that sweet soothing mucilage and marigold whilst the Chamomile will help to sooth and soften. Again not only do I think this would be a winner for dry skin, but it just looks incredibly delicious!

What lush products have you been lusting over recently?

Until next time, Emma x

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