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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

BH Cosmetics Ultimate 28 Lip Palette & 28 Lip Swatches

For today’s post, I wanted to bring to you a palette that I am so surprised and excited about! A product I feel I have to share with you all, I bought the BH Cosmetics Ultimate Lips 28 Colour Lipstick Palette off the BH Cosmetics website as it looked like a great palette to add to my collection that provided such as vast range of shades, all in one place. Now being honest, I was a little dubious at first as to what the pigmentation would be like – we all remember those awful, extremely sheer lip palettes *rolls eyes* – but as soon as I applied my first lipstick I knew this was definitely not one of those!

Don’t let the style and the pans of the product initially put you off. Although you need to use a lip brush, the pigmentation of these lipsticks are honestly amazing, they require barely any build up at all and you can quite easily apply the product with a few strokes of product, just as you would a normal lipstick.

The dark reds, pinks and purples are so pigmented you barely need any product at all on the brush. I would say the some of the lighter shades such as 4 and 5, they are every so slightly harder to apply as they can at first become streaky on the lips, but you can easily create an opaque shade with just a little more attention with the lip brush.

I bought the BH Cosmetics 28 Colour Lipstick Palette directly off of the BH Cosmetics website for wait for it…$13.00 which works out to be just under £9! Yep, £9 for 28 lip colours! I didn’t occur any import charges, it was coming over from the US, and it arrived very quickly in the space of about a week. In regards to the the packaging, it does look slightly cheap, but it doesn’t feel cheap. the plastic is not flimsy and I don’t feel it is going to snap when I am holding it which is what matters.

With this style of lip palette, instead of swatching the products on my hand I thought It would be easier to see the shades more accurately if swatched each shade on my lips. Please don’t mind the application of these! After 28 lip colours my poor lips were slightly stained!

Have you tried any of the BH Cosmetics Range?

Until next time, Em x


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