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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Benefit B.Right! Foamingly Clean Face Wash Review

Benefits’ B. Right Floamingly Clean Face Wash (£17.50) is a foaming cleanser that deeply and effectively cleanses the skin whilst promising to remove your make up and impurities with a soft gentle lather.

I am a big fan of Benefit, they have released so many products that I can’t live without (Yep I’m looking at you Hoola, POREfessional and They’re Real) so I am surprised I haven’t yet tried many of the products from their skincare line. The cleanser seemed to be a good place to start, and so after testing this baby out for a couple of weeks I thought I would share with you my thoughts!

To start with the packaging, I think it looks lovely. The mint, rubber textured bottle looks both clean and girly whilst also being practical. Side note: is it a sign you know your getting older when you start to like practicality?! I’m unsure how I feel about it being a squeazy bottle, as is slightly harder to control how much product you need and want in comparison to a pump style dispenser however over all I think it works well and has a nice overall look that really screams benefit. They are never ones to not deliver when it comes to packaging.

When applying the product, I tend to splash my face with some warm water so that my face is nice and damp before taking a small bead of product and gently working it into my face with my fingers. As it is a foaming cleanser, it lathers up beautifully and has a creamy smooth consistency. Little product really goes a long which is a definite pro considering the price (and being a poor struggling student) so it means you can get the most out of your money. It also has a slight cucumber scent which although I know some find off putting, I quite like it. It is nice and refreshing.

The product also claims to be an ‘all in one cleanser’ therefore it promises to also remove your makeup. Honestly, when using my hands, I wouldn’t say it completely removes my makeup to its entirety, but it definitely removes my make up more effectively when I use my Magnitone Lucid Facial Cleansing & Exfoliating Sonic Brush. When I just want to use my hands though I tend to just simply take off my make up before I use it, I don’t feel it is a big deal. It can sting a little though if you accidentally gets in your eye so just be careful of that!

The overall feeling leaves your skin very clean, fresh and doesn’t leave any residue. My suggestion is this cleanser may work more effectively for oily to combination skin as it can be ever so slightly drying. I have very very dry skin however and it still works great. Lathering a nice thick moisturiser after I tone works well to really combat the drying feeling, and I try to only use it once or twice a week along side my Elemental Herbology Sensitive Delicate Cleanse Facial Cleanser on the days I feel my skin needs a deep cleanse. Overall I am really happy with this from Benefit.

If I feel my skin needs a deep cleanse to remove any impurities I always reach for this cleanser. Considering a little goes a long way I don’t think the price is too bad, and so I would purchase this again!

Have you tried any other products from Benefits skincare line? What would you recommend I try next?

Until next time, Em x


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