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Monday, 18 April 2016

6 Beauty Tools Every Girl Needs

Beauty tools are those hidden gems in your routine or that are floating around in your make up bag that may not get the spotlight they deserve, but can really make a difference when it comes to the finished look. TodayI thought it was about time to feature the tools I could no longer be without and really, what every girl should own to make there life a little easier.

Bobby Pins
I’m sure I speak for the majority of us girls when it comes to bobby pins being the most frustratingly easily to misplace yet one of the most useful beauty tools I own. I will buy a pack of one hundred clips and before I know it I will only have one left and I’m treating it like my first born child. How does that happen?! Never the less bobby pins are without a doubt a beauty tool that are so handy and useful to have. Pesky flyaway, stray hairs and perfecting your up do’s are all thanks to these little babies, and are definitely a tool you should make sure you have a few with you.

Beauty Blender
I absolutely love this tool and will tend to use it over a brush most days, as for dry skin it is genius!  Not only does it lock in more moisture and give you a dewy finish when you wet the blender, but it also creates an airbrushed finish that does not at all look cakey. I have been using the Real Techniques Beauty Blender and have been really enjoying it, it blends effortlessly and I find it does not take any longer to apply my foundation than it does with a brush. If you haven’t tried using a beauty blender over a brush or your fingers, I would certainly recommend it!

Eyelash Curlers
For years I would skip using an eyelash curler as I thought it was a bit of an unnecessary step, however for the past few months I have really noticed the difference a good eyelash curler can give to your lashes. I now couldn’t live without it. A good mascara will give your lashes lengthening and curling effect, but giving them an extra curl before hand will maximise your mascaras benefits and leave them with a longer-lasting curl than what just the mascara would give. I actually tend to wear falsies most days, so curling with a eyelash curler also ensures my lashes blend seamlessly with the falsies!

Tweezers are a beauty tool every girl should make sure they have in their make up bag! In between eyebrow appointments there is no need to worry about wild brows as you can simply pluck away any unwanted unruly hairs. They are also very useful when putting on lashes, so if you struggle putting on falsies, try using tweezers to have a bit more control!

Blending Brush
To create a beautiful eyeshadow look, a blending brush is essential! Using small ‘window wiper’ motions softly in the crease will help easily blend our your eyeshadow for a seamless look. The Mac 217 blending brush or the Real Techniques Blending Brush are both favourites of mine. I couldn’t imagine doing my eyeshadow without a blending brush now!

Eyelash/Eyebrow Brush 
Lastly, slightly unconventional but duo eyebrow/eyelash brushes are incredibly useful in my opinion. If i am going make up free that day, I will tend to use this just to brush out my brows and lengthen out my lashes if they have become a little unruly during the night. The brow brush is also great to use before you apply your brow products to ensure all hairs are going the same direction. Its the smaller tools that can really make a difference, and to me this is one of them!

What tools can’t you live without?

Until next time, Emma x

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