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Sunday, 17 January 2016

5 Must-Watch Netflix TV Shows

It’s the weekend, which calls for a lazy Sunday under the sheets watching Netflix – whilst of course drinking a copious amount of tea.

I totally get it, after a long week at work and braving the utterly freezing weather that has seemed to have crept up on us, there is no better feeling than to relax and rewind by doing absolutely nothing. If your like me, you have exhausted the infinite lists of hundreds of TV shows and movies on Netflix, after having watched every back to back episode of Breaking Bad and Prison Break. It is likely that you are now feeling slightly lost at what to indulge in next.

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. Here are my five uttermost favourite series to watch on Netflix!

Gossip Girl

If you haven’t yet watched Gossip Girl then you haven’t lived. Overdramatic? Maybe. But it truly is an amazing series that will have you addicted and hooked right from the start. Please note: You will be fully emotionally invested in Chuck & Blairs romance and want to elope to the upper east side before the day is up.

Making a Murderer

This documentor-series has been making headlines since it was released and was something that hooked myself and millions of others, right from the beginning. Incredibly intriguing with a touch of frustration, this crime documentary follows the story of Steven Avery who was released from prison due to an incorrect conviction, after spending 18 years behind bars, only to find himself back in prison on murder charges. Was he framed? This documentary will leave your jaw dropped at the evidence and will without a doubt leave you googling the theories for hours.

Orange is the New Black

OITNB is without a doubt one of the best Netflix original series I have watched. In fact, it is probably one of my favourite tv shows. It is hilarious, and upbeat, whilst gripping and gritty all at the same time. With three seasons on Netflix to binge watch, and season 4 on it’s way it is quintessentially a must see.

Pretty Little Liars

If you haven’t heard of this series you must have been living under a rock. PLL is so widely talked about for ultimately dragging out the main concept of the series – who the hell is A. With that in mind it is a show that you just can’t help to watch and indulge in. It is definitely addictive!

The Good Wife

I don’t hear too much about this series, but I adore it. I am currently on season five and still enjoy every episode. Each episode follows a different criminal legal case where Alicia and the group of lawyers attempt to fight it, whilst an underlying story line runs through each series. If you are into crime and legal TV shows, this one is for you.

What are your favourite shows on Netflix?

Until Next Time, Emma x


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