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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

How To Stay Organised Whilst Blogging

Staying organized whilst blogging is the best way to keep your self up to date and away from stress! Keeping to a schedule can be difficult and I know from experience it can sometimes make you feel like you are under pressure. You want to enjoy blogging, I mean hey, that’s what we do it for right?

I have found the best way to deal with this is to keep on top of everything and stay organized. Plus I can’t lie, I love writing and ticking of lists! Now I want to quickly elaborate that this is in no way blogging rules, there isn’t any rules on how you should blog, or how you should post. Your blog = your rules, but if you fancy a couple of tips (or just a bit nosey and want to see what I do) then have a little read of this post.

Plan Ahead – My diary is my best friend. Whether you use your calendar on your phone or a normal diary (or both if your like me) it is a great way to know what what you want to post and when it will be published. I like to put in my diary what posts will published that week, when I am going to write them and the day I will be taking blog photos – which moves me onto my next point..

Taking Blog Photos In Bulk – I have found the best way for me to not only stay organised but also stay motivated is to set a side a day to take blog photos. I make a list of all the blog posts I have to mind and then set off taking my pictures. I like to write my blog posts usually at night due to the fact that I always have uni or work until the evening, and by that point it is way too dark to even consider taking blog photos! Taking them in bulk is a great way to have them all set and ready for you to write. If your having a bit of writing block too it always gives you some inspiration!

Make Lists – Utilising apps on your phone such as notes or simply making lists is something I am doing non stop. On my phone there are so many lists of post ideas that I randomly get in the middle of the night. It’s all about being realistic however. Don’t try and set yourself a mountain of work because you will still feel pressured to try and check it all off! I tend to write a list of posts that I want to write, what I want to write for this week, and blog pictures that need to be taking. You can actually find great templates to print out that bloggers have made too!

Schedule Away – Scheduling is such a handy tool, especially if your super busy in the day with school or work. I try to have my posts written at least a day before I want it to be published along with any social media that goes a long with it. Once you have written it and its set to be scheduled you no longer have to worry about that post any more! CoSchedule or Hootsuite are both apps that are great for scheduling social media. On a side note Hoot suite is great for blogging chats if your using it on an iPad because you can see your mentions and your feed at the same time! I know they can be a little over-bearing at times!

Declutter – Before I sit down to write I like to make sure my desk is nice and tidy, and I have a nice cup of tea with me. If it is a mess I just can’t concentrate, so decluttering my space really helps me to keep on track!

Like I said these are all tips to take lightly. Blogging isn’t about following rules, its your blog after all! As long as your enjoying blogging thats all that matters!

 What are the best ways you keep organised?

Until Next Time, Emma x


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