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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Style Expertise ‘Straight’ Creme & Spray Review

My hair is quite curly naturally, and can sometimes be slightly dry and frizzy – much to my annoyance! I was in the market for a product that would reduce the frizz when I straighten it, and make it beautifully shiny and sleek. Superdrug offer an exclusive ‘Style Expertise’ hair product range. I decided I would go for the ‘Straight’ range and picked up the Blow Dry Straightening Creme and the Styling Straightening Spray.

Lets begin with the Blow Dry Straightening Creme 150ml. At £2.99 it claims to reduce frizz whilst adding softness and a smooth texture, helping to create a long lasting silky shine to your locks. To apply this I squeeze a small amount into my hands, and run through towel dried hair. I try and add it just to the length of the hair as if too much product is applied to the roots it will make it slightly greasy looking – and we don’t want that! Once I have ran it through my hair I take a large paddle brush and brush through to spread the product evenly.

After drying and straightening I feel it leaves my hair feeling slick suprisingly shiny. My ends in particular feel nourished and smooth, which is something I am grateful for as my hair can get very dry. The main advantage of this product is that it is so affordable. You can spend over £20 on straightening cremes, so to find one that works just as well for £2.99 is something I had to share with you all!

Moving on to the Styling Straightening Spray 100ml. At £2.99 again it claims to be a semi-permanent spray for straightening curly hair. It has built in heat protection (love that) and apparently includes wheat protein. It should leave your hair sleek without frizz and leave it shiny, straight and strong.

To apply this I spray it on towel dried hair. It is important not to spray on dry hair, and begin with 10-15 sprays, and then adjust depending on hair length and thickness. After, blow dry and straighten. I have to say that this spray smells so good! I love hair products that leave your hair smelling gorgeous, and this is no exception. It doesn’t feel heavy on the hair and eliminates the frizz. I am unsure on the semi permanent element to the spray, but all in all it is a nice product that is affordable and does the job.
I am really intrigued to try more of this range. It is extremely affordable and tend to be quite nice products. I have noticed an anti frizz serum and a hair spray which are next on my list! 

Have you tried any of this line before? What were your thoughts?

Until Next Time, Emma x

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  1. Hi can you use the Anti frizz serum and the styling straightening spray both together?


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