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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Holy Grail Series #1: Rimmel ‘Wake Me Up’ Foundation

So I have decided as a little mini series, I would start showing you my holy grail products, all in which I absolutely swear by. After looking through my collection I’ve realised that there are just some items that I always go back to and repurchase over and over again. With the first in this series we should really start with the base shouldn’t we? – I mean, thats the most logical thing to do right? Onto the foundation!

I typically enjoy trying and testing new foundations, but with very dry skin there are many that I simply don’t get on with. Other than my Mac studio sculpt foundation (NC30which i do love , the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation in ‘Soft Beige’ has been a favourite of mine many years.

Claiming to instantly reawaken your skin with a healthy and radiant glow, the smooth and light texture should give you a 100% pore-less and flawless completion. With SPF15 protection the foundation has illuminating radiance pearls that will leave you with a natural glow. It also claims to have a moisturising vitamin complex that will leave a healthy and fresh finish. My verdict? I love it. The texture is smooth and silky with a medium build able coverage.  One of the main reasons I go back to this foundation time and time again is because of how effortlessly it glides over my dry patches, and once it is fully applied my skin looks so dewy and fresh – it is such a lifesaver in the morning when I am looking tired. Without the cliché it really does rejuvenate and wake up my skin.

As someone who is lazy, I tend to skip using a primer, a habit I hope to get out of soon, however the foundation tends to lasts about 6 hours. I usually touch my face quite a bit, another habit I hope to get rid of, so I’d imagine it would last longer if I was a bit more disciplined in that respect.

I like the packaging too – we all know thats a factor! – in a tall glass bottle with an orange lid it has a pump applicator so you don’t waste any product – L’Oreal True Match I’m looking at you! At £7.99 it is affordable and honestly a lovely product. If you have dry skin like myself this is worth testing out, if you are on the more oily side of the scale however I would recommend Revlon colour stay.

What is your holy grail foundation?

Until Next Time, Emma x


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